Lightweight Wall Cladding

The ALWP™ Cladding System has been specifically designed as a complete system to provide Architects, Builders and Specifiers with a compliant Exterior Insulated Finish (EIFS) wall cladding system that can be used on timber and steel building frames as well as concrete and masonry walls.

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Raw Expanded Polystyrene Sheets

Raw expanded polystyrene is available in standard sizes and thicknesses as sheets.

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Rendering looks great, is simple to maintain and keeps your building protected from the harsh elements for years.

A wide variety of rendering finishes are available, including acrylic rendering, stucco rendering, sand and cement rendering, as well as various others.

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Exterior Lightweight Mouldings

ALWP™ Exterior Lightweight Mouldings include wall and door mouldings, parapet mouldings, pier caps and fence capping, stringer mouldings, corner blocks and quoining. We custom make to order offering a choice of profiles.

ALWP™ Exterior Lightweight Mouldings enables you to give your building project the style you want, at a fraction of the price of traditional building and finishing techniques.

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FOIL BOARD® INSULATION PANEL– The smarter way to insulate

This Australian standards approved quality insulation can be used internally with plasterboard or externally with cladding.

Foil Board® can be used for many applications including:

  • An alternative to Wall wrap and Batts as it is a wall wrap and insulator all in one
  • Underfloor insulation
  • Under patios insulation
  • Under concrete slab insulation
  • Tilt slab walls insulation

Foil Board® is very easy to work with as it is light and can be cut with a blade knife.

The ALWP™ warehouse stocks Foil Board® insulation panel for walls, ceiling and floors.




Diagram 02

Easy to install during the construction of double brick walls giving a R rating of R1.8 with the standard 10 panel and R2.2 with the Super 15 panel


Diagram 03


Under Timber floor insulation system requires No fastening, gluing or stapling .The Foil Board® INSULATION PANEL is light weight, easy and safe to handle, use the Foil Board® floor saddles.  R rating of R2.3 with the standard 10 panel and R2.4 with the Super 15 panel(see brochure for installation suggestions).


Fixed directly to underside of floor joists, FOILBOARD® INSULATION PANEL greatly improves the thermal performance of a timber floor.  The Standard 10 gives R rating of R3.3 and the Super 15 gives R rating of R3.4 (see brochure for installation suggestions).

Diagram 05


Where heating is used in suspended floor slabs, FOILBOARD® INSULATION PANEL achieves considerable energy savings.  The Super 15 panel gives R rating of R2.6 and the Ultra 20 panel gives R rating of R2.7 (see brochure for installation suggestions).

We carry stock of the following FOILBOARD® INSULATION PANELS at our warehouse.

  • Standard 10, Super 15 and Ultra 20 plus the standard fasteners, flexi fasteners and foil tape required to complete the job.

For additional information see the Foil Board® website.

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